Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer is Here!

Wow, it's been gorgeous in the PNW and continues to stay that way. We are moving in the right direction towards the 70s and 80s! I took my youngest son and his friend down to my MIL's to swim yesterday, around 2:30pm and still managed to get a little sunburn on my arms (cuz I had no sunscreen on...shame on me!). It seems like we had the longest winter and hardly any spring.

While Mother Nature has brought us good weather, we've also had some sad occassions. A wonderful man from our church died recently so I created a sympathy card for his wife and adult son. Another woman's husband suffered a second stroke and she needed a card, too. I saw my friend, Linnea (it was her FIL that died) on Sunday at church and she said my card was the first they received and she loved so much that it was something I created. Here's a pic of the three cards together.

The cards were all done using SU stamps but there's an A Muse sentiment on one of them. All the notecard bases were done with A Muse notecards, too. Unfortunately, I have 2 more sympathy cards I need to make for another friend who has just lost her mother. On a positive note, though, a young couple at my church had their baby so I get to make a card for a happy occasion.

Here's a happy card for no occasion at all! I think sometimes we forget that it's great to send cards 'just because.' Everyone like to get happy mail so I'd like to encourage all of you to just send a card for no reason and make someone's day a little bit brighter. A Muse stamps and products make it so easy to produce a quick, cute card that is sure to brighten up a day.

I didn't quite get the wheelbarrow close enough to the Madeira 'grass' so it looks like it's floating a little bit but you get the picture. I hope you all have a bee-utiful day!

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dawns said...

Wow, Novell, you have been busy! I love all the beautiful cards you made!