Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Woodland Critters - Spring is in the air

Stamps: 2-4122D Mushroom trio, 8-8535C Spring is in the air, 3-4079A Tiny butterfly

I've been on vacation for the past few days and have missed posting the first couple of days of the Woodland Creatures feature. Had a great time on the Oregon Coast but am happy to be back home, even though it's with a broken big toe. Yup, dropped a kitchen stool right on top of it and the darn thing is busted! Black and blue, purple, too. Blech. Very painful!

Today's post features the very cute and adorable mushroom trio, using the mirror technique. I inked the trio with my A Muse black dye ink, stamped it onto my rectangle bl stamp, then applied that to the right side of the white notecard. I went back over the lines with my Copic multiliner pen to make nice, clean lines. I then colored everything in and added the rest of the details.

Now I need to go spy on all the fun things I've missed since I've been gone. And unpack....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some more Hero Arts

I just love this little Hero Arts bird. It's one of my favorite HA stamps. All the stamps you see in today's post are from Hero but all the paper you see is from A Muse. Cuz you know...Hero and A Muse make a GREAT pair! Behind the orange circle is a white circle. The green brad holds the two together. You can swing the front to the left or right to reveal your hidden message. I also created a little stand behind the white layer so the card can stand on its own. Just a cheery little note...

Now don't forget there's some prizes to be had! There's a chance here, here, and over on the Hero Arts blog.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Muse/Hero Arts Designer Swap

Have you been browsing the A Muse News and Hero Arts blogs for the A Muse/Hero Designer Swap posts? Both teams have been doing a FABULOUS job!! I am a HUGE Hero Arts fan (next to A Muse, of course). Here's a card I posted on the Hero Arts Flickr group a while back.

Love this poppy stamp!! Can't wait to see and share more stuff!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

You are my sunshine!!

The last couple of weeks have been interesting. I've been dealing with a sickie at my house, baseball season has started in full swing, and my older son's iPhone was stolen. These have all been a lesson in patience. It's left me little creativity or time to create but I did manage to squeak this card out before everything went crazy.

Wish I had something witty to say....but I don't. LOL
So I'll just say I hope you have a really good week and I'll try to get back on here before the week is over. Things can only go up from here....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's raining again

Sorry about the poor looks like my upside down umbrella is just floating in space but I promise there are waves out there!! Tiny bird is staying afloat by relying on his good friend, the umbrella as a boat. Yeah, I know he has wings and could probably fly away but let's pretend he's too far from shore to do that. He's just a tiny bird, you know! A good umbrella (symbolic for a friend here) will keep you from getting lost in the sea of life. Don't forget to use one once in a while!!! Okay...maybe that came out wrong. Don't use your friends! Just rely on them. LOL. Man, this has been a loooong week. I'm starting to lose it.

Monday, March 8, 2010

See you next season!!

Well, basketball season for my oldest son is coming to a close. We have our last game this weekend as well as our end of season party to recognize the players, coaches, and parents for all their hard work. Of course, I volunteered to make the coach's for the coach, one for the assistant coach. I found some REALLY OLD patterned paper in my stash that I thought looked pretty perfect for the job. It was also an opportunity to use up my stash of Stampin Up More Mustard paper. I used the Making Memories Slice Sports cartridge to cut out the silhouette of the player, then used a circle punch to punch out a basketball from some textured paper (also really old!). The stamps are from the CTMH set, Shootin Hoops.

This past Saturday's game was incredible! The other team was challenging, and really, they outplayed us. However, at the last second of the game one of our players was fouled taking a shot. We were behind by 2 and needed these foul shots. They cleared the floor and while all eyes were on him, our player sunk 'em both to tie the game!! Whew! He's my hero for the week.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Class schedules

I've updated my class schedule for March. Now you can also see a sneak peek of projects we will be making in class. Samples are already at Stampin In The Rain. Please note, you can view my class schedule by clicking on the 'class schedule' tab underneath my blog header.

No Slice class at Lasting Memories this month due to a visit by Making Memories with their own Slice classes. See you in April.