Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wow! It's sure quiet out there

Stamps: Maisy Ketto from Stamping Bella, 3-4106C Daisy Doodle from A Muse

Are you guys out there??? It's sure been quiet! I know, I know. You're all busy out enjoying the sunshine. I am, too, but I wish it was a little warmer sunshine around here. I have fallen in love with the adorable Ketto stamps from Stamping Bella and asked a friend to please send me a couple of stamped images. My day brightened right up when they came in the mail! They are much smaller than I expected them to be but that was fine cuz they fit my A Muse 4-bar notecards just perfectly! Even when I stamp with images that aren't A Muse, I always love to stick to my A Muse notecards. They just feel so good, come in the most scrumptious colors, and take ink so well. Hmm...I think I might need to restock on some colors. 

Okay, now go back and enjoy the sunshine. I'm baking some Oatmeal Raisin cookies to take into work this morning. I have a Mrs. Fields recipe that I love but I don't want to eat the whole batch myself so I'm sharing. 


Elena said...

Beautiful coloring job, as always!

I've been in the mood for baking oatmeal cookies but I've never tried a Mrs. Field's recipe. I'm afraid it won't taste like the ones from the store and then I'd be disappointed! Have one for me :)

Krystie Lee said...

I'm out here! :)

It's so funny, I was reading your blog this morning just as I got the e-mail that you commented on mine. I'm bad about commenting, because I'm always holding my baby, it's hard to type. I always read your blog, though, and hope to make it to one of your classes someday.

Enjoy the cookies!

Dawn said...

Yummy, cookies! And a yummy card to go with them. Fabulous!

Becky Rusher said...

What a sweet, cheery little card, Novell! And your coloring ROCKS!

Cookie said...

This card is so cute! Its got such a whimsy feel to it! Love the colors! Thanks for commenting on my blog too! Hugs...Cookie :)

Unknown said... a few of these Ketto images about a week make me want to PLAY :) PS: If you need some more, I would be more than willing to stamp some out for ya!

Anonymous said...

I love this little image! I guess U need to get more friends!!! They could send some to me too!
Call ya next week!

Anonymous said...

dud hit the wrong key! I need more friens NOT U!!