Friday, April 3, 2009

Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on its way!

Stamps: 5-2224E MB Spring Basket, Happy Easter MA, 2-2206B Egg Line
Papers: Purple Kitchen 4-bar, Popsicle Pink, Buttercup

I must admit that sometimes I'm kind of a lame mother. My kids don't carve pumpkins and they don't dye Easter eggs. I tried to start them on these traditions. Well, at least with the first child. I noticed, though, that I was the one doing all the work and they weren't really interested. So I quit and no one noticed. When the second child came, I had just forgotten about these traditions or deemed them too much trouble. I never really made a big deal about the Easter Bunny, either. Maybe the first few years I would do the Easter basket thing but then we'd be at Costco and we'd see those big Easter baskets. I'd ask my kids, "Do you want one of those?" They'd say, "Nah." So that was that. The end of the Easter baskets. Just made me realize kids don't always need all that commercialized stuff that's advertised in the stores. 

However, I realize some of you probably do Easter baskets for your kids or maybe you enjoy sending Easter cards to your family and friends so here's a fun, easy Easter card for you to consider. I think we'll be at my in-laws church for Easter this year rather than our own. Several of my nieces and nephews have decided to get baptized and want us to come. 

Spring break starts for us next week so I'll be taking the week off. This will be my last post until then. Sorry it's so long. I must add one more thing, though. My SIL that is fighting breast cancer had a suspicious ultrasound the other day. We won't know more until she gets back to the doctor to find out what that means. Please just keep her in your thoughts and prayers because she could really use them. She has had to return to work (limited hours) while getting radiation. She is burned, in pain, and tired. If this new news is bad, she will need strength and the will to fight. 


Elena said...

I'll keep your SIL in my prayers.

As for Easter, we do a HUGE egg hunt, but never really talk about the Easter bunny as such. We just enjoy what Easter really means and have fun celebrating the Resurrection!

Enjoy your break (hope you get to stamp!)

Dawn said...

Purple! Yes! Nice job on the Easter basket, Novell.

Will keep your SIL in my thoughts and prayers. Have a great week off.

Well Said Cards said...

I'll send positive thoughts your way for your SIL.

Becky Rusher said...

So sorry to hear about your SIL, Novell. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you have a fun week with the kids! Big hugs, Becky

Anonymous said...

Hey Novell, Sending positive thoughts for your SIL. As for traditions, I'm pretty lame too. I don't want to do all the work so we don't do the eye dyeing thing either!

cathie r. said...

I thought I was the only mother in the world who didn't do the egg dyeing thing! No one will eat the hard boiled eggs so I never saw the need to color eggs just to throw them away.

Your SIL will be included in my prayers