Friday, July 25, 2008

Have a scent-sational day!

I'm working on a set of cards for my next class in August. These cards will be focusing on a bee theme and will all have Tiny Bee make an appearance. Tiny Bee has definitely got to be in my top 10 A Muse stamps. It's the cutest little bee, ever! Here's a sample:

Orange crush notecard, lime peel band notecard, 2-3091C Sniffer, 3-4094A Tiny bee, 2-4087B Flower Doodles, 3-4106C Daisy Doodle, 8-8424C Scent-sational day

I've been playing Guitar Hero Aerosmith like crazy this week. I've completed the medium level with at least 4 stars on every song but just can't get past the battle with Joe Perry so I wussed out. I almost had him! I have got to take a break from this game, though, because the tip of one of my fingers is going numb from hitting the buttons so hard! LOL. It's totally addicting but I'm hoping it will be easy for me to set it down for a bit since I completed that level. I don't even want to think about trying it on the next one. My youngest son wants Rockband for his birthday next month so I'm prepared for a new addiction. Rock on!


Becky Rusher said...

Cute card, Novell! I love tiny bee!

Anonymous said...

I *love* this card!!! That orange really POPS!

~amy~ said...

SWEET orange crush card guitar hero addict :)

Unknown said...

I too am TOTALLY in love with Tiny Bee...might need to take that class ;) as far as GH goes...SO THERE :) And, Rock Band is waaaaaaay worse! Fun times!!

Rhonda said...

Super cute card!! What a clever theme for a card class, very subtle and cute!!

I love the simple layers on here and how you popped up that single layer, very classy looking and yet the card is so fun and cute!!!