Monday, July 14, 2008

Inspired by you

As promised, I am posting the card I made that was inspired by one of you A Muse fans out there. This card by emnkksmommy on Splitcoast, just really caught my attention. I loved the white gerber daisy on the black cardstock. It just creates a beautiful patterned paper, don't you think? I have so much more swimming in my head with this. I just have to find time to put it to paper. I have a busy week ahead of me with my day job with company annual meetings. They always put me behind because the emails don't stop coming even if I can't answer them! LOL

Oh, and I have discovered that I LOVE Guitar Hero! I watched my kids play it at their friends' house (the Legends of Rock version). I wasn't thrilled with the music on that one but it did look like fun. We saw the Aerosmith version at the store and decided to buy it. My oldest son and I took turns playing it yesterday. I still need to find that darn Wii Fit.


Anonymous said...

I love the white flowers on the black cardstock! They really POP!!!

As for Guitar Hero my DS has them all! He has tried to get me to play but I just can't. LOL It's so funny to see him playing the songs I used to listen to as a teen! Boy do I feel old!

Unknown said...

beautiful Novell! I will keep my eye out for Wii Fit...and totally snag it if I find it. As for Guitar Hero...don't even get me started! We have Rock Band...and it is beyond cool...but it all started with Guitar Hero :) Have a great day...and I hope you can get your craft on a wee bit between those meetings :)

melissa said...

This card is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!! Great work Miss Novell! :)