Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Amuse-a-Palooza Sneak Peek #2

Yesterday was the first day of Amuse-A-Palooza. Did any of you get a chance to see and pick up some new stuff? What were your favorites? Do you like the new Vintage papers? I love them. I would spread them out on my bed and roll around in them but they'd get all wrinkled.

Today's peek uses the Lime Mod Dot notecard with the new Scallop Tree and Wonders of the Season sentiment. It's such a cute little tree.

Today is also my DH's birthday. I can find NOTHING to buy. I'm stuck. Totally stuck. I can't even find him a new shirt...every one I've liked I can't find in his size. He fishes and hunts but doesn't golf. I have no idea what fishing stuff he needs and he isn't planning on hunting this year. He has a boat but the only thing I know he wants for it is about $2K. I'd get him a gift card to the sports store but he just used the one my mom gave him for Christmas the other day. Guess I'll make a cake. Happy birthday. Here's a cake.


Anonymous said...

Very cute Novell! I love the colors!

Pamela said...

I really like the tree stamp and sentiment. I cannot wait for my AP class tomorrow!

Good luck with finding something for your DH for his bday. How about some chocolate? Making him his fav meal?

Anonymous said...

I love the new papers!!! Got a few stamps but this is only the first day for me!!! Will get a "few" more stamps tomorrow. Yeah!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice and clean. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Love it Novell
Great color combo!
Get him some Micky D coupons!!!