Monday, April 21, 2008


Just a quick post today. I have a busy week ahead. Both my mom and sister are travelling this week so I am the airport taxi. We have a full week of baseball games and practices, too. Thank goodness the snow (we got 5"!) melted off before my oldest son's game yesterday. The sun actually came out and it turned out to be a great day to play baseball.

When the April A Muse release came out, I was looking at the 'rain' stamp trying to see something new in it. Well, I came up with this.....watermelon seeds! So, I leave you with this fun watermelon card.

I made this card using the red kitchen notecard along with a strip of the green kitchen notecard that I scalloped using a small corner rounder. It needed something to separate it from the red so I put a thin strip of black behind it. To make the watermelon, I use circle punches and then cut part of them off to look like a watermelon slice. I can't remember, but I think I used a 1 1/4" punch for the red and then 1 1/2" punch for the green. I stamped the 'rain' using black ink, onto the red portion of the circle to make my watermelon seeds. I threw the rest of it together and out popped this fun card.

Sometimes I surprise myself when I manage to think 'out of the box.'

Oh, one more sure to be ready for VMAA #2 this Saturday. What's VMAA you say? Well, it's a Virtual Meeting of the AMuse Addicts. A Muse Addicts? Yup, there's a whole website dedicated to A Muse Addicts! You can find it here. VMAA #2 takes place this Saturday from 8-10pm Central. Here's some info I cut and pasted from the A Muse Addicts website:

  • Here are the rules for the night:* VMAA starts at 8pm CST.
  • There will be four challenges, each lasting 30 minutes.
  • Each challenge will be posted in a separate thread in this VMAA section.
  • You are to complete the challenge in 30 minutes (30 minutes from the time you start). Uploading may be done at a different time (i.e not part of your 30 minute limit).
  • If you can't participate in real time (i.e during the VMAA event), please feel free to play along - JUST time yourself and don't use more than 30 minutes. We are using the honor system here!
  • Link to your creation on the challenge that you are participating by 8pm CST Sunday April 27th.
  • We will pick winners at RANDOM from all that post their links to the challenge thread... i.e. FOUR winners!
  • HAVE FUN and don't stress.

Sound like fun? Come join us! I'll be participating this time, too. You can find more info on the A Muse Addicts website under the Challenges/Contests section where there is a subheading titled VMAA.


Anonymous said...

Using the rain for watermelon seed!!! *smacks head* Such a cute idea!!!

Jen D said...

I LOVE this card!!! You are so creative! What a great card for summer!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea and now I want watermelon!

melissa said...

Genius idea Novell! Are you coming to the store on Saturday-hope so!

Tisha said...

OMG!! You are just too clever! Awesome card!

Anonymous said...

Novell, this is so cute! I actually thought the same thing about the seeds but couldn't get it to work :) Great job!

Becky Rusher said...

I love your watermelon, Novell! And I love how you used the rain for the seeds! Genius my friend, sheer genius!

Anonymous said...

this card is totally awesome. I can't wait to make a watermelon card. So creative Novell.