Friday, April 18, 2008

Erin K

I have a new cyber friend that has joined my SCS CPD buddies. She's Erin K. She cracks me up. Every day. I mean the girl is absolutely hilarious and I wish I could hang out with her. Well, today Erin's blog has a very special post. She worked with Gina K to create a stamp set to cover difficult times when a 'get well' or 'thinking of you' doesn't quite cut it. I don't usually pimp non-A Muse related companies but in this case I am pimping my friend, Erin K. Go here for her blog post. She's even giving one of these beauties away. Erin, what an incredible experience for you and I'm so proud of you!


Erin said...

Thank you Novell! HUGS>

Anonymous said...

Erin rocks! And Novell is HOT!


Anonymous said...

How very cool!