Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My dad is a planner. He's level headed, conservative, stubborn, and a planner. He has, for many years, had a notebook of information for me in the event of his death. I recently received an updated version of this information and just got around to looking at it. I think all parents, especially those in retirement, should do this for their children. He has all the information for me that I would ever need so that I know what to do when he dies. I had to chuckle as I read these updates, though, as they definitely had personal statements in there that were soooo my father. Like his opinion on lawyers and HMOs. I also noted that in this information, he had provided the birth dates and death dates of his parents. My grandfather died 34 years ago today. I don't remember him. I was 5 when he died. I never lived near him. I have pictures with him when I was young but that's about it. I remember, though, my dad having to travel to his funeral. I just found it an odd coincidence that I happened to decide to look over this information on this anniversary date. I hope he is happy and proud of his son for the wonderful father he became.

Now how do I segue that into something crafty? I can't. I just had to ramble about that and after a moment of silence will set that aside and move to something crafty. After taking care of some design team assignments recently (top secret!), I haven't really had stamping time nor any stamping mojo. My brain is geared toward the nearing end of the school year and baseball season. I did, however, have this card stored on my computer that I haven't shared yet. So, here you go...

If you have a dad that's into fishing, this would make a handy dad card, wouldn't it? I know my DH likes to stop by the sporting goods store to load up with new lures and such before he heads out on a big fishing trip so I suppose I had him in mind when I created this card. He makes an annual trip up to Canada with some friends in August. Last year they entered a local tournament at the last minute and won! Here's a picture of the salmon they caught. How's that for some good grub?! Just a couple more months and I'll be restocked with some fresh salmon in my freezer.

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Anonymous said...

I think it is wonderful that your father is able to keep such a notebook for his children. It's like a part of him that you can and will be able to keep, kwim? I love the card; I struggle w/masculine cards, so this is definitely inspiration for me. Thanks so much for sharing! Tinla