Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary, A Muse!!!

Wow! 7 fabulous years of A Muse Artstamps. I tell you, I've been an A Muse fan for several of those 7 years. I'm not sure if my first A Muse stamp was Thanks script (3-8039B) or Hula Girl 2-6029E. I think it was the Thanks script. Anyway, I haven't had any time this week to stamp so I don't have an anniversary card to share but I did want to share 7 of my favorite A Muse sentiments:

  • Happy Birthday Little Lady 9-8298C

  • Journey (sentiment) 9-8236B

  • Life's Simple Pleasures 9-8250B

  • Hi friend 9-8233B

  • You Make life sweet 9-8259B

  • You rock! 9-8408B

  • Sending you sunshine 9-8261B

And my 7 favorite images:

  • Seattle Girl 2-6064D

  • Tiny Bird 2-4075A

  • Patch 2-3075B

  • Rock star 2-6095D

  • Tiny Bee 3-4094A

  • Beehive 7-4101B

  • Branch 2-4115D

Wow. That was really hard to narrow down! My list is really like 10x that! What are some of your favorites?

Happy 7th Anniversary to you, A Muse! May you have many, many more successful years ahead of you. Thank you so much for the privilege of being a part of your success this past year-ish. I can't imagine my life without you!!! You really do light up my life!

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Anonymous said...

it's so much fun seeing all the different lists of faves! great lighthouse card, too--i love that line of glitter!!