Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rockin Goodness!!

I've been incredibly busy this past week but wanted to make sure my A Muse Secret Sister knew I got her package. Check out this rockin goodness! I got this pretty little altered mailbox filled with individual packages of Sour Patch Kids (my fave!!!). Can you tell I already consumed one? I put it in the picture anyway. hee hee. I also got a larger pkg of Sour Patch Kids, a pretty little photo clip (I love pink, too!), and the cutest little notebook which has perforated pages. I gotta find me some of that! I love that a page can be ripped right outta there without tearing up the whole thing! The card she made is the sweetest, too. All of it color coordinated to boot! Sister, you ROCK!!!

I also picked up ALL the Saltbox Studio clear stamp sets at A Muse on Friday's release date. WOW! I love the folk-art style of these stamps. They are fresh, clean, and a total change from what's been on the market lately. You all need these! Man, I wish there were more hours in a day so I had more time to play with them. Life has definitely been in the way of my creativity!
It looks like I'll still be incredibly busy for the remainder of the week. I hope to catch a breather after the weekend. I'll try to post if I can.....enjoy your week! Next week I hope to have pics of my redone living/dining room (sans furniture).


Rhonda said...

Hey Novell!!

Wow, what an awesome little gift set you got!! Such a yummy mailbox full of Sour Patch kids!! I love those!! Your secret sister made a gorgeous set for you!!

CUTE cards! I love the complete Americana feel you put to these and every detail is so well done on both of them! Very cool how you punched out the stars on the blue strip and used that negative space! I hardly ever that and not so cleverly as you've done here!! :D

TFS!! You're gonna turn me into a Saltbox fan afterall, huh??? :D

Thanks for the class tonight, i had a great time and the cards were SOOOO ca-ute!!! :D

lexi said...

love love love your cards novell!! i can't wait to see more! :) lexi

Elena said...

Your cards are great Novell - you've got the vintage/primative feel just right!

Anonymous said...