Sunday, March 2, 2008

Busy with Birthdays!

The last few weeks have been really busy with birthdays for me. It started off with my manager's birthday on Feb 23rd and my mom's birthday on Feb 24th. My Aunt Nora's birthday was this Saturday, my nephew Hunter's birthday was today. My cousin Alicia's birthday is Wednesday, my sister and my SIL Marcy's birthday is the 16th. My niece's baby shower is also the 16th. My best friend's son's birthday is the 17th, and another niece has her birthday on the 22nd. Whew! Plus a friend just had a beautiful baby boy on Feb 22nd. I got a few cards done but have to get busy making more!

My manager's card:

My Aunt Nora's card:

My nephew Hunter's card:

I hope to post more pics of cards in the next few days. Remember the baby card I made using the Saltbox Studio Sheep set? Well, that's the baby card I'm sending to my friend who just had a little boy. I knew that card would come in handy!


Anonymous said...

You've been busy! Great cards all!

Anonymous said...

When in the world did you create these?! Dang you're good. Those triplus markers would have come in handy on any of these projects. ;-)

Leigh OBrien said...

All great cards, Novell! I love snoopy on his Harley and the little doggy on the rocket...super duper!

Anonymous said...

You are on a roll!!! These are all great!

Michelle M White said...

I'm a HUGE Peanuts fan...that is too cute!

Nicole said...

These are all great but I am digging the patch card, so cute. I have him but have never made a card with him... should bust him out!