Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Things are going okay

Well, yesterday wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I called the insurance company, called the auto body shop, called doctors and scheduled appointments, and called Chevrolet to report that the driver's airbag did not deploy as it should have. I was amazed at how smoothly calling the insurance company went. They opened my claim right away, the adjusters started calling shortly after, the tow truck came when it was supposed to. My oldest son, who we previously thought was uninjured, came home from school complaining that it hurt across his chest and on one side of his neck so I guess I'll have to take him to the doctor today so he can have an official diagnosis on record. I'm sure it's whiplash, too. DH is doing alright, considering the circumstances. I thought for sure he wouldn't be mobile, given his previous experiences, but he has actually been able to move around. Thanks, everyone, for all your well wishes and prayers. I know they have been helpful.

So late last night I realized I had neglected to get a birthday card out to my long time friend's daughter. I wanted to use up some cardstock I had laying around and knew just which image I wanted to use. I pulled out my Whipper Snapper stamps and inked this cute guy right up. Can you believe I've had him for months and have never inked him up? At least I don't think I have, except to maybe give images to someone else. Well, it's all about procuring, isn't it? Who says we're supposed to use the stuff?! LOL. Anyway, I'll leave you with this little guy. I hope she likes it. I have another one to make today for a college friend who now lives in the Portland area. I think I'll use the same guy.


Rhonda said...

So cute!! I love your coloring and the different ribbons you put together! It's all so cute!!

Anonymous said...

i'm just surfing around and catching up--so sorry to hear about the accident, but i'm glad everyone is mostly okay and that follow up is going smoothly. cute card!

Nancy said...

I'm glad to hear things went better than expected. I hope your son does not have any more injuries!!

This card is very cute! Your friend's daughter will love it!