Monday, February 6, 2012

A Muse Studio Die Storage

I thought I'd share with you the way I store my A Muse Studio dies. I used to have a scrapbook binder that had sticker storage in it and wished I could find those storage pages to purchase, but Michaels did not seem to carry such an item any more. So, I thought hard and it came to me... baseball card page protectors! What you see in the above picture are 2 pages of baseball card page protectors that store my small A Muse Studio dies. Yes, the top of the sleeves have openings in them that could result in the small dies falling out, but only if you don't store the binder standing upright. So, for now, this works for me. I suppose you could also cut magnetic sheets into baseball card sized pieces, then stick the dies to those if you are worried about losing anything.

This is the way I store larger A Muse Studio dies. I have them in heavy duty page protectors with a sheet of cardstock to make the page a bit more sturdy. Pictured in the photo above is the new Popcorn Box die, which does require the use of extended cutting plates if you are going to use your Big Shot. Does that product offer an extended platform? I don't know. I have an extended platform for my Revolution so I actually used that when I cut my box.

There might be better storage options than this, but this is what works for me. I thought I'd share it with you all in case you are also looking for a reasonably priced storage method, too.

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june said...

What a fantastic idea! I was just looking at my dies, thinking hmmmmm.....