Friday, September 10, 2010

Are you my mummy?

When my youngest was younger we used to play the "are you my mommy?" game. I thought this would be a fun, simple card to share. The hardest part is stamping the sentiment and getting it on the two layers! I used a microfine pen to fill in what didn't stamp.

I'm so excited cuz I'm going to Impress tomorrow for a Making Memories Slice class. I'm going to get my Halloween on! I think we are playing with the new Toil and Trouble cartridge, which I do not own. Plus, I'll be with some peeps so that makes things even more fun!


Well Said Cards said...

awesome!! very creative girl!!

Krystie Lee said...

So cute! I can't take it!

june said...

When my Dylan was 2, he would point at random men and ask, "is THAT my daddy?". I didn't like that game;) I do love the card!!