Monday, December 7, 2009

Slice Embossing Picture Tutorial

Today's picture tutorial is for the Making Memories Slice Embossing Tips. My Slice setting is at 'draw/emboss'.

^ First you must remove the cutting unit and replace it with the embossing tip unit. I selected the finest embossing tip.

^ Here's what it looks like with the embossing tip in it.

^ Place your Slice in the far left corner of your patterned paper with the side you want raised, face down. This is double sided American Crafts patterned paper with solid brown on the other side. Placing your Slice in the far left corner will make it easy to line things back up when you are ready to cut. *** You must use the embossing mat ***

^ Select your image under a 'normal' cutting setting.

^ This is what you get on the backside. Cute little gingerbread man from the Mistletoe cartridge.

^ Remove your embossing unit and replace it with your cutting unit. No need to overtighten! I just twisted the tool until it was hand-tight, then turned it counter-clockwise 2 notches for my blade depth. That's the one that seems to work for my machine. Don't forget to change your Slice setting back to 'cut'

^ I meant to take this pic while it said 'SHADOW' but I had already hit select. Anyway, realign your patterned paper on your cutting mat; place your Slice in the far left corner! Select 'SHADOW' and push 'SELECT' to make your cut.

^ This is what you get when you cut it out!

^ Using a fine sanding block, lay the block flat against your diecut and lightly sand the raised image.

^ And Voila! Here is your cute little embossed gingerbread man.

Hope you enjoyed today's tutorial. Now you all run out and buy yourselves some embossing tips.


june said...

thanks novell!! i love your tutorials! this one is especially helpfu:D

Elena said...

I am going to have to revisit this one after I've had some time to play with my *new* Slice. Thanks!

Michellem said...

Hooray - Thanks for the tutorial - I wondered if I would ever use embossing tips and I worried that it would be too hard to cut out after (with the lining up). TFS!!! Super cute!

Lori Barnett said...

Now THAT makes me want a Slice! I told myself " don't need another toy...stay away...STAY AWAY" And then you go post this adorable little gingerbread man. Stop it already would ya! ha ha ha ha

Linda said...

This tutorial makes me want a slice. How on earth did you get crack into your words? ;o)

Anonymous said...

Please share how you switched the Slice setting to 'draw/emboss' from 'cut'! I cannot figure this out!