Friday, February 8, 2008

Off to CHA!

I'm so excited to be going to CHA this year! This will be my first experience with it. I won't be gone long...back on Monday night, so I'm not sure how much I'll really be able to see. If I can take pictures, I will, and post them here but there is a general rule about no pictures unless permission is granted. I hope to at least get pictures with people, like the A Muse gals I've never met in person.

I have lots to do today to prepare for my trip. Have to get a 'to do' list for my husband with the boys' schedules, finish up laundry, pack, charge my camera & phone, etc. Made the trip to Costco last night so the family would have food.

Here is a post of a card that will be in an upcoming class at Stampin-in-the-Rain at Bothell Country Village. I make two for me, one for the store. I usually keep the boo-boos for me. This one is a boo-boo. The sample for the store is perfect! It doesn't have any ink smudges at the bottom and the sentiment is aligned better. The prima was a last minute addition when I designed my card. This is a notch card, with the notch hiding behind the Prima. If you are interested in participating in the class, just call them directly. The number is to the right, under my schedule.
Okay, that's it for me. I have much to do. I'll be back on Tuesday.

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Nicole said...

Beautiful card! I wish I was going to CHA, how exciting for you!! I could probably fit in your luggage, sneak me in! Give hugs to the A Muse ladies for me. Cheerio!